24x7 Customer support

T-Mack Engineering special support service for our advanced Pattern Generators is a key part of our commitment to our customers. Our support is offered in three different packages depending on your coverage needs; Gold (24/7), Silver or Bronze.
In case of a generator failure or urgent inquiries of any kind outside our normal business hours you can ring the hotline and you will be referred to the service adviser sooner.

Technical support

Our technical experts are available to help you at any given time to make sure your system is running smoothly.
We also offer a number of optional services, such as customer training, special customer projects and application support, etc.

Warranty Services

Our warranty is comprehensive and covers all parts and labor plus miscellaneous items such as the travel costs of engineers to repair the engine.
Activating the warranty requires no specific action on your part. It is a standard part of the package, though to maintain its validity, you do have to service your engine in accordance with the recommended servicing regime.

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