Diesel Generators from 10-2200 kVA

T-Mack Engineering offers a range of generators, each designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

We can offer all major engine options with any additional item that may be required for a generator. The standard power ratings range from 10kVA and run to 2200kVA, but sizes larger than this are available on application. A wide variety of control panels is available, including DSE and CoMap. Engines include Perkins, Cummins and Volvo as well as others.

T-Mack also offers a full ‘end to end’ systems solutions service, including installation layout and configuration, design, control system options, project management, a full installation service and commissioning of the installed application.

We ensure our service includes only the highest quality product and service tailored to suit a specific application, this is our strength.

Small Generators

Small generators are available for multiple applications starting 3.5kVA – 10 kVA in single phase models, suitable for domestic homes, small businesses and mobile food outlets.

Rental Generators

We provide temporary and medium term power rental solutions to help our customers maximize on productivity and profitability, while minimizing on downtime and resources with highest safety standards.

With an experienced technical team of proven capabilities in meeting energy needs, be it Emergency, Seasonal Demand, Remote off-grid applications or Grid supplement power requirement, we offer complete solutions to match your requirements with:

Hybrid Generators

The Hybrid generator powers the Battery Power Pack but it can be charged by any combination of available power sources. These generators have been designed specifically for the Telecoms market and manufactured to operate for extended periods without servicing. Typically maintenance is reduced threefold.

Generator Control panels

We work with world renowned control system suppliers Deep Sea and CoMap electronic control systems. As with all digital systems, any requirement for diesel generator control can be met with the implementation of an appropriate control system.

This includes Remote start, remote monitoring, and Condition monitoring and shutdown control, Synchronization in parallel with other generators, Synchronization with mains incoming supply, Manual and Automatic Mains Failure Panels, Dual Mutual control Panels and ATS panels.

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